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Try the Arabian hospitality with Al Saudia Airlines

Posted on: 12/07/2012

Try the Arabian hospitality with Al Saudia Airlines

A few months earlier Al Saudia has chosen its new motto “Welcome to your world”. The new slogan emphasizes the royal decision which separated civil aviation from the Ministry of Defense and put it under civilian management. With its fleet of 102 planes, observers expect Al Saudia will play a major role in setting new standards of aviation in the whole Middle East region.
Aviation started in Saudi Arabia on 27th of May 1945 When President Franklin Rosevelt presented a Douglas DC-3 as a gift to the Founder King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, marking the beginning of civil aviation in the country.The King later ordered to purchase more aircrafts and established the Saudi Airlines (SDI( in September 1946; a governmental agency under the control of the Ministry of Defense at the time.
The operative name “Saudi Airlines” was changed to Al Saudia in mid-seventies of the last century. More 737 and 747 Boeings were bought and more special destinations to Europe and the United States were added.Al Saudia fleet consists of 102 aircrafts from different types and sizes. The fleet includes 4 Boeing 747-400s, 5 Boeing 777-300ERs, 35 Airbus 320s, and 15 Embraer 170s. This modern fleet helps Al Saudia to cover more than 80 local and international destinations.
As a part of its continuous development Al Saudi Airlines offers various online services through its official website and other portals, some of which are; flight and hotel reservation, chick -in, and a full printable updated Flights Timetable for both domestic and International flights.
Through its generous seat configuration, comfortable seats and all-around in-flight services, Saudi Arabian Airlines or “Al Saudia” shows extra care when it comes to the comfort and convenience of its passengers. A touch of Arabian hospitality cab be sensed in all 3 classes of travel; First Class, Business Class, and Guest Class.


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