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Your best airline for Umra In Ramadan

Posted on: 12/07/2012

Your best airline for Umra In Ramadan

As the Holy month of Ramadan approaches, and despite the heat of the summer, more and more Muslims flock to the ancient city of Mecca to perform Umra in this time of the year, in a quest for the huge reward of this seasonal devotion, as described by the last Prophet Mohamed – may Allah’s peace and prayer be upon him – who said: “When Ramdan comes perform Umra , an Umra in Ramadan equals Hajj – pilgrimage- with me”

And of course with the rise of numbers, comes the rise of accommodation and tickets prices. But on the other hand, travel agencies and airlines compete fiercely in this season, to offer attractive deals for travelers and provide them with the best prices for Hotel reservation or / and airlines tickets.

After doing some online research and aside from the local airlines of each country – which could be opted for some purposes – I can recommend Nas airlines for pilgrims who want to perform Umra in Ramadan. Nas Airlines is a Saudi Airline that offers the cheapest prices of tickets for this season in particular and at anytime in general. Nas airway was first established as a low-cost airline to meet the cheapest air travel needs of its passengers.

Nas airway services do not stop at cheap flights; they offer special deals for their clients, such as groups’ offers – more than 25 passengers- and charter flights. You can also book your Nas airway tickets online through their official website or other portals.

If you’re planning a limited budget trip, Nas airway would be your best companion.


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