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Royal Jordanian Airlines

Posted on: 14/07/2012

Royal Jordanian Airlines

The Royal Jordanian or Alia as it was known before is the official flag carrier of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It was established by a royal decree issued by King Husein Bin Talal in 1963. Private shareholders provided the capital needed to found “The Royal Jordanian” before the Jordanian government decided to take over the company, in order to provide the support needed to develop the company and its operations.

With its head office in Amman, Jordan, the “Royal Jordanian airlines” has witnessed some ups and downs in the 60s of the last century. The War of 1967 has severely affected the company destroying all of its DC-7 fleet. The Royal Jordanian managed to recover in the next decade and joined the jet air in 1971 when they received Boeing 707 aircrafts. Boeing 747s were added to the fleet later.

More expansion was achieved by Royal Jordanian through the next decades. IBM Computer center was inaugurated, Airbus 320 aircrafts were added to the fleet, and Royal Jordanian signed up for the Galileo CRS reservation system.  Royal Jordanian now operates 30 aircrafts with around 60 global destinations, and is a full member in “Oneworld alliance”, the world’s third largest airline alliance.

Through its web site and other travel portals, you can book your Royal Jordanian tickets online, check-in to your flights up to 24 hours prior to the schedule, and print your Boarding pass before you leave home. Other services include flight status check, and a weekly updated flight schedule.

Even though Royal Jordanian Tickets are classified in 2 classes; Crown Class, and Economy Class, both classes offers excellent in flight services with wide comfortable seats, individual screens, full meals on medium and long flights, and an extra touch of air travel amenities. Crown passengers, though, can enjoy the premium LoungesRoyal Jordanian and its partners offers at international airports, where they can take full advantage of the select services.


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