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Turkish Airlines

Posted on: 16/07/2012

Turkish Airlines

Since 1933, when it was formed with only 5 airplanes under the name “State Airlines Administration”, as a part of ministry of Defense, Turkish Airlines has been the flag carrier of Turkey. From its main hub at Ataturk International Airport, and with a huge fleet of 182 aircrafts, the company now operates scheduled flights to about 41 domestic and 160 international destinations, serving a total of 181 airports in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

With the creation of its new logo of a white emblem on a red background, Turkish Airlines emphasizes its up-to-date technologically advanced services.  You can book your flight tickets, check -in your flight and take your boarding pass, keep track of the latest status of flights alongside many other services the Turkish Airlines provides on line via its web site and other portals. In recognition of its quality services, the World Airline awards – the world most prestigious award – named Turkish Airlines the Best Airline Europe at the 2011 ceremony held in Paris Air show.

Turkish Airlines offers three classes of flights; Business Class, Economy Class, and the newly added Comfort class , which is configured between business and economy cabin classes and offered only in the fleet of Boeing 777 aircrafts.

Even though Business Class passengers enjoy more privileges such as Business Class counter, a 30 kg free luggage allowance – compared to 20 kgs for economy Class-  Turkish Airlines provides comfortable seats with individual touch- screens for all classes. While the most significant advantage of Comfort Class is the space between seats which are wider than Economy class.


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