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Yemenia Airways

Posted on: 24/07/2012

Yemenia Airways

1978 is considered as a landmark in the Aviation history in Yemen. It had witnessed the formation of Yemenia (Yemen Airways) , the beginning of a new era in air travel services and progress. After several structural reforms and development since it was established in the second half of 1940s by Ahmad bin Yahia , then King of Yemen. Yemenia – (Yemen Airways) was formed with 51% share by Yemen government and 49% by Saudi Arabia government.  The shares held by Saudi Arabia were bought back by the government of Yemen in 1992 as a result of the formation of Today’s united Yemen Arab Republic in 1990.

Yemenia is the official flag carrier of Yemen; using its current fleet of 7 Airbus aircrafts, it operates its scheduled flights from its hub in Sana’a International Airport to cover 24 international and domestic destinations in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Europe, with a single weekly flight to Boston.

In all its classes, First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class, Yemenia offers its passengers an advanced Audio Video entertainment system with individual screens featuring movie and music channels. In Flight Meals service includes breakfast, lunch/Dinner, accompaniment and dessert, and soft drinks service.

You can plan and book your trip easily with Yemenia Airlines by visiting their official website. Yemenia Electronic services include, Online Booking, Flight Status check, Schedule Research, Booking Confirmation and Air cargo tracking.

You can also join Yemenia Sama Club for frequent travelers. Over the course of a year you can claim rewards, review your account of Sama club free Miles, and redeem for them from the comfort of your desktop.


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