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Kenya Airways

Posted on: 04/09/2012

Kenya Airways

Voted as Africa’s Leading Economy Airline (World Travel Awards) Kenya Airways whose slogan is ‘Pride of Africa’ has been a recognizable name in the world of aviation since their inception in 1977 and have regularly been voted ‘African Airline of the Year’.

Following the break-up of the East African Community and the demise of East African airways, the Kenyan government established Kenya Airways as its own national flag carrier on 22 January 1977. Less than a month later Kenya Airways started operation with 4 small inherited crafts and 2 leased Boeing 707-321s.Kenya Airways is currently a public-private partnership. The largest shareholder is the Government of Kenya (29.8.%), followed by KLM ( 26.73%)  while the rest of the shares are held by private owners.

The company now uses its fleet of about 36 crafts in service – mostly Boenings – to operate its scheduled flights to more than 56 local and international destinations in Africa , Middle East, Asia , and Europe. Kenya Airways uses Jomo Kenyatta International Airport as its main hub.

Through their website Kenya Airways offer safe, dependable electronic services, allowing you to plan your travel and make your online reservation easily. Such services include online booking, online check in, flight time table, route map, and a destination guide.

When you check in online from 30 hours until 2 hoursbefore departure, whether you are traveling with bags to check-in or just with hand baggage, you will be able to jump the long queues at the airport, choose your preferred seat, print out your boarding pass at your convenience. At the airport, just drop off your luggage at the dedicated point and proceed to the boarding gate to enjoy your trip with Kenya Airways.


1 Response to "Kenya Airways"

but how often do they offer promotions?
They were more expensive then Ethiopian airlines when i was checking my flights between Addis Abeba and Djibouti

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