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Etihad Two Pearls (Business Classes)

Posted on: 27/09/2012

Etihad Two Pearls (Business Classes)

As is the case with many airlines these days, Etihad Airways offers different levels of service even within one category. There are two versions of Business Class on Etihad, although oddly they carry exactly the same name – Pearl Business Class- they’re notably different; one has normal seats and the other has flat bed seats.

What we will discuss first is the cabin configuration of the Pearl Business class cabins with seats that recline into flat beds – since they are the nicer ones-. While at the bottom of the post, you’ll find information about what to expect if you get an Etihad flight with Pearl Business Class that doesn’t have flat beds as well.

Arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, Pearl business class seats recline into a six foot one bed with a seat pitch of 72 inches. The seat’s three massage options are very relaxing and so is the mood lighting, in which light colour and intensity is adjusted to the time and duration of the journey.

All dishes on the a la carte menu and the lighter “kitchen anytime” menu are available any time. The a la carte menu includes Arabic treats such as chicken “tagine” with stewed potatoes, preserved lemons and olives, as well as more Western fare. An extensive list of special meals is available for guests with dietary restrictions. Simply place your request at the time of booking or at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Enjoy a choice of over 650 hours of on-demand entertainment on the 15-inch individual LCD TVs. There are 132 television programs and 76 movies in more than 10 languages. Do you need more? There are also 13 audio channels, a library of more than 250 CDs and 29 games.

On the ground facilities for Business Class passengers include chauffered door-to-door service using a fleet of Mercedes E Class and Volvo S80 vehicles. The service is also offered to any destination in the UAE. While the Pearl Business Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi is a stylish haven of dark wood, leather seats and artfully arranged coffee-table books. You can take a shower then have a free foot and leg massage in the Six Senses spa.

In the other version of Pearl Business Class, the cabins look more like what you’d expect from First Class or Business Class on a shorter domestic flight. The seats are larger and recline further than in coach, but they don’t recline to flat beds and they aren’t semi-enclosed by privacy shells. Seats still include outlets for recharging laptops, iPods or other devices. Video options is essentially the same, and meals are also still a la carte, although the number of menu choices may be less than you’d find in a cabin with the higher level of Business Class service.





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