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British Airways Cabin Classes Mystery Solved !

Posted on: 23/10/2012

British Airways Cabin Classes Mystery Solved !

Instead of the regular First, Business, and Economy class configuration, British Airways offers a rather complicated scheme of 8 – yes 8- classes! But thankfully, the company classifies them into 4 main categories; Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Travel Classes.

Economy is the standard class of travel on any flight. It usually gives you the cheapest prices while offering the greatest value for money. Economy fares always include a free baggage allowance and check in among other features. Economy Cabin Class includes “World Traveller”, “euro Traveller” and “UK Domestic” classes.

Premium economy provides you with a little more legroom and additional levels of comfort and service over economy, at great value fares. It is available on longer international flights with selected airlines. “World Traveller Plus” is the only Premium Economy Cabin Class British Airways offers.

Business class brings you exceptional levels of comfort and service and access to exclusive airport lounges. Business class may be the highest level of service available depending on the airline and route you choose. “Club Europe”, “Club World”, and “Club World London City” lies in Business class category.

Finally there is the First Class, which is the highest class of travel available, providing the most luxurious experience throughout your journey, from exclusive airport lounges to unrivalled on-board comfort. It is available on selected longer international flights. Guess what?! It’s just called “First Class”.

Seriously though, this range of British Airways travel classes offers something for every taste and budget. No matter how you choose to travel, you can make your journey more enjoyable and special.

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