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Cedar of Middle East Airlines

Posted on: 30/10/2012

Cedar of Middle East Airlines

Middle East Airlines, MEA, Lebanon’s national carrier, has a prestigious history since 1945 and has come a long way since then.

Throughout its history, MEA has sustained one of the world’s best safety records and ensured the satisfaction of its customers. From the minute the passenger steps into MEA Sales Office, until the minute he reaches his destination, he /she enjoys the welcoming hospitality of the Lebanese nation.

Cedar Miles isMEA’s Frequent Flyer Program. Every time you fly with MEA or its SkyTeam partners you collect Miles on your Cedar Miles account, which you can redeem for free tickets on MEA or any other airline partner.

The global network of SkyTeam 17 airline partners, offers you a seamless experience throughout your journey. As of the 28th of June 2012, you can accumulate miles on every SkyTeam flight and can redeem them for reward tickets on any SkyTeam member. The more you fly with SkyTeam Partners, the faster you qualify to reach Elite status.

Cedar Miles top tier members, Golden Cedar (SkyTeam Elite Plus) and Silver Cedar (SkyTeam Elite), enjoy premium services throughout their journey when they fly with MEA or SkyTeam partners. Special Lounges are available at most airports served by MEA and are offered to Cedar Class passengers as well as MEA Presidents club and Cedar Miles Members.

In addition to this , Sky team Benefits include Priority servicesat airports including premium check-in, immigration and security fast track when available, and priority boarding. Extra baggage allowance and Priority baggage tag are also some of the benefits granted to cedar members.

To ensure automatic recording of your miles, you or your travel agent must quote your membership number every time you make a reservation and check-in for your flight. Furthermore, keep all your original airline tickets and boarding passes in the outside pocket provided with the member guide, until you see them credited on your account.



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