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Tiger Airways In-flight Services

Posted on: 04/11/2012

Tiger Airways In-flight Services

Tiger Airways is one of Asia’s leading low cost carriers. First established in 2003 with Tiger Singapore, it rapidly grew its paw print with Tiger Airways Australia in 2007, and associate airlines, Mandala Airlines in Indonesia and SEAir in the Philippines in 2012.

Operating from Singapore and Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), Tiger’s network extends to over 30 destinations in 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region. The airline has won several awards, including the Low Cost Airline of the Year Award at CAPA’s Aviation Awards for Excellence in 2010.

As Tiger Airways is a low-cost carrier, the onboard services are not as diverse as other commercial airlines. Tiger Airways only provides Economy class for all flights, with very limited services. Entertainment on the flights is limited to an in-flight magazine named Tiger Tales offered free to the passengers as the main entertainment item.

Food and drinks are also offered on the flights, but is mostly instant snacks and simple food such as noodles, bread and burgers. However you have to pay for these foods and beverages; they are not included in the air fare.

Seat pitch is a standard 28.5 inches (72.5cm), so you may want to consider paying more to reserve extra legroom seats which offer a 38-inch (97.5cm) pitch. These will cost Aus$25 per single journey. Reserving any other seat, so that you can guarantee sitting together, will cost Aus$5 per single journey. All seats offer a standard width of 18 inches (46cm).
Tiger Airways products, include Luggage Upsize and the Seat Selector. The Luggage Upsize allows you to purchase the amount of check in luggage at a low fee.

Nevertheless, Tiger Airways is now synonymous with quality cheap flights. It has quickly become a top choice for value-for-money, reliable and convenient point to point travel.


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