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Spice Jet Max

Posted on: 10/11/2012

Spice Jet Max

Spice Jet
began its services in May 2005. It flies a fleet of modern aircraft and has maintenance support from KLM and state-of-the-art technology from reputed firms. SpiceJet Airlines India operates a single aircraft type-the Boeing 737-800 and has ordered 5 new Boeing 737-900s.

To keep fares affordable, SpiceJet has designed a clean and comfortable airline without any costly frills that put upward pressure on fares. SpiceJet offers an assortment of vegetarian/non-vegetarian sandwiches, cookies, flavored nuts, soft drinks and juices for sale onboard. Drinking water is provided free of charge & food can also be carried on board.

In order to cope with different tastes and needs , Spice Jet has offered it new program SpiceJet MAX. SpiceJet MAX is a combo offer that includes a choice of meal onboard, seat preference at the time of booking, and a Priority check-in at the airport.

SpiceJet MAX can be bought along with any fare two hours prior to departure either through the official website while making a reservation or by calling our 24X7 Guest and Reservation Center or at Airport Ticketing Offices.

The new Program is offered per passenger per sector for all passengers and  is available for all direct and via flights on the domestic and international network operated by SpiceJet.

In addition, guests will be able to select a choice of their seat via a seat map at the time of booking (excluding Front Row and Emergency exit rows).

But you have to make your mind before you BOOK SpiceJet special program, as SpiceJet MAX, once booked, cannot be cancelled. Still, in case of any cancellation of the whole booking the fee charged would be refunded.

Bon Voyage!



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