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American Airlines Coach Class

Posted on: 17/11/2012

American Airlines Coach Class

One of the major airlines of the United States, American Airlines is the largest airline of the world in terms of passenger fleet size and passenger miles transported. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the main hub of American Airlines, which serves to around 85 percent of the airline flights. American airlines fly to over 250 cities in around 40 countries around the world. The airline also operates a fleet of some 620 aircrafts.

Fares come in all shapes and sizes with American Airlines, the following paragraphs will discuss the type of economy fare on which you’re traveling and the services provided.

Economy Class with Restrictions is the lowest available fare on a flight. Such fares may be non-refundable and often have purchase restrictions (e.g. advance purchase, length of stay) and carry a fee for changes to the itinerary. Also included in this class are limited-inventory economy fares that allow for travel in the next higher cabin offered.

On the other hand Economy Class without Restrictions is the lowest refundable fare without purchase restrictions (for international fares). These fares do not have a fee for changes to the itinerary. Also included in this class are limited-inventory unrestricted economy fares that allow for travel in the next higher cabin offered.

All Economy -“Coach”- Cabin Class, on American Airlines has a distance of 31-32 inches between seats.  Coach seats are specially designed with comfort in mind. Six way adjustable leather headrests let every customer rest comfortably with no neck discomfort.  The seat and back cushions are thoroughly tested and designed for maximum comfort. And most of the tray tables can slide, giving you the option to set your laptop, or book in the most convenient position.

On all of American Airlines flights, you can enjoy a variety of magazines for your reading pleasure and on longer flights you might also enjoy Inflight television, movies, music and more! Wi-Fi is now on board all Boeing 767-200 aircraft, and selects MD80 and 737 aircraft.

When flying on one of the internet-equipped planes you will have complimentary access to all has to offer; book flights, hotel and car rental, check your account and more. Gogo® Inflight Internet service can provide you full broadband web, VPN and e-mail access so you can stay connected during your flight.

On domestic flights and flights to Canada, Central America, and areas in the Caribbean (including the Dominican Republic), American Airlines offers a buy on board program offering sandwiches and snacks for purchase. Flights two hours or longer have snacks, and flights three hours or longer have sandwiches.


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