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Smart Online Booking with AirAsia

Posted on: 26/11/2012

Smart Online Booking with AirAsia

I think a lot of people are extremely grateful to Air Asia for giving everyone such incredibly cheap flights around SE Asia, but I have to say that using Air Asia’s online booking is like navigating a minefield.

First of all there is a time limit for online booking which rushes you into making mistakes! TAKE YOUR TIME even if that warning comes on that your session is going to expire. Starting over is better than making costly mistakes. Remember: there are NO REFUNDS once the booking is completed.

All options are billed automatically by default. You must follow the instructions on how to remove these charges if you don’t want them. Worst of all, there is a DIFFERENT way to decline these charges for each one of them!

I recommend you print out the list below and have it next to you if you’re booking a flight. Carefully watch the column on your right that tallies your bill. Make sure no charges have been entered.

1) If you have no check-in baggage, use the drop down window under Flight Options and select No Checked Baggage. If you have a return flight, scroll down and repeat.

2) To decline pre-seating, click Remove button at the bottom. YOU MUST DO THIS FOR RETURN FLIGHT ALSO.

3) To decline insurance, click the tiny Cancel link. An OK button and Cancel button will appear. Click CANCEL. Do not click OK!

Couple of other things to note:

Do not book any connecting flight or train right after a scheduled Air Asia flight. If you must, calculate the connection time by assuming that Air Asia WILL CANCEL YOUR FLIGHT and you have to take the next plane (click on the next flight to find out arrival time).

Decline paying the check-in fee online save yourself by doing a self check-in at one of the stand-alone computers near the Air Asia counters. However, this option is closed one hour before your flight so get to the airport early.


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