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Special needs assistance in Qatar Airways

Posted on: 10/12/2012

Special needs assistance in Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

The state-owned flag carrier of Qatar, Qatar Airways understands that special needs require special attention. Qatar Airways provide a number of special services to cater its passenger’s specific needs.

With hearing or visually impaired passengers, Qatar Airways makes arrangements to escort them to and from the aircraft. The crew always offers safety briefings and the necessary assistance during the flight.

Attendants are generally not required for passengers with reduced mobility,  However and depending on the particular circumstances, for safety reasons one or more Attendants will be required in situations like Passengers on a stretcher or in an incubator, Passengers who are unable to understand the safety briefing, advice or instructions given by the crew in an emergency situation, Passengers who cannot leave their seat and reach an emergency exit unaided, retrieve and fit a life jacket or put on an oxygen mask without assistance and Passengers who require personal care assistance with any supplementary oxygen system, eating or use of the toilet facilities.


Qatar Airways aircrafts are generally equipped with the on board facilities like Seats with movable / lifting armrests that facilitate seating for passengers with reduced mobility. Toilets / lavatories on most of Qatar Airways aircrafts are equipped with facilities such as hand rails. the wide bodied aircrafts (Airbus A330/340 and Boeing 777)  of Qatar Airways are equipped with a special on-board wheelchair.  Wide bodied aircrafts are generally used on flights more than 5 hours duration.

Qatar Airways is pleased to offer a broad array of culturally-sensitive and diet-sensitive meal selections.  In order to secure a special meal selection, it is extremely important to indicate this at the time of your booking.


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