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Rolls-Royce aircraft Engines

Posted on: 22/12/2012

Rolls-Royce aircraft Engines

ROLLS-ROYCE- British Airways

Rolls-Royce has the broadest portfolio of any manufacturer in the civil sector. They provide engines for applications ranging in scale from the smallest of helicopters through to the giant of the skies, the Airbus A380. The Civil aerospace business has more than 14,000 engines in service, powering more than 5.5 million commercial flights a year. More than 500 airlines and 4,000 corporate and utility aircraft and helicopter operators select Rolls-Royce power.

In the Corporate market, Rolls-Royce is the market leader and powers the fastest, the longest-range, and the largest business jets. In the past decade, Rolls Royce engines have powered seven new business jets into service, contributing to a total Rolls-Royce powered corporate fleet of more than 2,400 aircraft. Rolls-Royce holds more than a third of the regional market with the AE 3007 engines powering almost 1,000 Embraer aircraft.

Rolls-Royce aircraft engines are legendary, and you’d swear the company had an influence on British Airways cabins. British Airways’ luxurious first-class “demi cabins” multitask to serve as workspaces, dens, and even places to stretch and sleep.

Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney have proposed a new joint venture to develop engines for future generation mid-size aircraft (120-230 passengers).

Rolls-Royce is a former shareholder in the consortium International Aero Engines (IAE) which produces the V2500 for the Airbus A320 family. Now, as a major supplier, Rolls-Royce continues to have a significant manufacturing, assembly and servicing commitment to the program.

In the modern, wide body market, Rolls-Royce is the market leader. Each individual member of their Trent engine family has the distinction of being either the launch engine for the airframe for which it was designed, or being the market leader on that application.


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