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Gulf Air Sky Nanny

Posted on: 24/12/2012

Gulf Air Sky Nanny

Gulf Air

Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain has been founded in 1950.Gulf Air’s service caters high quality products and services, including the innovative, unique and award winning Sky Chefs and Sky Nannies in addition to the Airport excellent services.

To help families travelling with children – and those passengers who aren’t – Gulf Air offers a free service dedicated to young travelers, the Sky Nanny. The Sky Nanny is available everyday to provide a wide range of on-the-ground services to complement the much heralded on board service.

Working on board all wide-bodied aircraft flying long haul routes, Sky Nannies offer help with boarding and disembarkation, give parents that much needed break during a long flight and generally provide a watchful eye on the little ones.

Gulf Air Sky Nanny

Every Gulf Air Sky Nanny is specially trained for inflight childcare services so parents can be assured that children will receive the best care and attention every step of the way. The job of a Sky Nanny isn’t confined to just helping onboard. From the moment you arrive at the departure gate, a Sky Nanny will be on hand to escort you to your seat.

Onboard, Sky Nanny will then outline her role to you, suggests appropriate dining times for children and check any special dietary requirements you may have arranged beforehand. With Sky Nannies on board, every child will enjoy that special bit of attention – whether it’s a snack during the movie or help with a tricky bit of coloring.

Sky Nanny is there to make sure your journey with Gulf Air goes smoothly from start to finish. Even down to practical advice like advising children on landing procedures and how to clear their ears to avoid pressure pain.

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