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World’s Safest Airlines

Posted on: 27/12/2012

World’s Safest Airlines


With no fatal accidents since 1976, and a staggering six million flights since then, British Airways is a clear winner in The Air Transport Rating Agency (ATRA) safety stakes. Having celebrated its 93rd anniversary in 2012, British Airways is among the very oldest airlines still in operation, and also one of the very largest, flying to hundreds of destinations and carrying in excess of 30 to 40 million passengers every year.

The Holistic Safety Rating studies are released on a yearly basis, and take a wide variety of factors into account to determine criteria that leads to a safety rating—how many passengers each plane holds, the number of employees and cabin crew, overall condition of aircraft in use by the airlines, the number of aircraft considered to be at risk, and the number of accidents over the last ten years, among other factors.

At British Airways the safety and security of customers and staff is the airways’ highest priority. For many years, British Airways has been a leader in the aviation industry on security matters, and you can be reassured that they have in place some of the most stringent security measures in the industry.

British Airways continuously works closely with governments and relevant authorities around the world to monitor and implement the security measures it has in place, and its policy is in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

As one of the world’s largest international airlines, British Airways spends more than £100 million a year on security measures, which include screening of flying crew and ground staff, participation with government and airport screening of passengers and cabin baggage, extra hand baggage and customer searches at the gate, CCTV systems on all of the aircraft so the pilot can see who is outside the cabin door and many other security measures.


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