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FlyDubai in-flight entertainment

Posted on: 12/01/2013

FlyDubai in-flight entertainment


Flydubai is the world’s fastest growing start-up airline ever, with low cost, high quality services to more than 45 destinations across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and CIS. You can fly on a fleet of brand new Boeing 737 aircraft and enjoy high-definition in-flight entertainment

In November 2010, flydubai became the first low cost airline in the Middle East to introduce on-demand In-Flight Entertainment (IFE). In doing so, it also became the first airline in the world to show movies in high definition. The revolutionary Fiber-To-The-Screen® IFE system by Lumexis works through fibre optic cables rather than traditional copper wires, making it much lighter and therefore viable for a LCC as it helps to minimise fuel consumption, which is an airline’s single biggest cost.


Since its launch in November 2010, the ‘Fiber-To-The-Screen®’ (‘FTTS®’) system from Lumexis has broken new ground in IFE thanks to the fibre-optic technology enabling movies to be shown in high definition in the air for the first time. Now, flydubai is leading the way again with an unprecedented increase in movies, TV shows and music. There is also a new payment model offering TV and movie packages from AED 10 rather than the former pay-per-show format, making the system even better value for money for passengers.

Passengers will be able to choose from 149 Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabic films – an 830% increase from the 16 movies offered when the IFE was first installed. Included in this are brand new releases, including The Descendants and Real Steel, plus the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time.

Elsewhere, there will be 154 TV shows – up from 32 in 2010 plus 250 music albums, providing more than 500 hours of non-stop entertainment.

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