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Malaysia keeps you entertained in the skies

Posted on: 14/01/2013

Malaysia keeps you entertained in the skies

malaysia airlines

Malaysia Airlines is the national carrier of Malaysia and has been recognized as the largest in Asia. It flies more than 48,000 passengers over 110 destinations across 6 continents every day. Malaysia Airlines has its primary hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and secondary hub in Kota Kinabalu. Malaysia Airlines has code-share agreement with 25 airlines that include seven from Star Alliance, four from Sky Team and two from OneWorld.

Select is the in-flight entertainment system of Malaysia Airlines. There are three types of Select: Select 3000i, Select 3000i Portable Media Player and Select Mainscreen.

Select system, Malaysia Airlines

The Select In-flight Entertainment system offers a world of high quality, highly engaging entertainment onboard. From the latest blockbusters to popular TV shows, to multi-player games and critically acclaimed album releases, you can enjoy Malaysian Hospitality Experience with a specially curated selection designed to delight your senses.

The new Entertainment system Malaysian Airlines selected is Thales, a leader in In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) which was pleased to announce that Malaysia Airlines is now flying its first of six A380 aircraft with the Thales In-Flight Entertainment System installed at every seat.

Thales IFE Malaysia Airlines

All passengers on will be able to enjoy audio video on-demand entertainment in dual languages (Bahasa Malaysia and English), games, interactive holy Qur’an, e-books and e-shopping.

Other conveniences include noise cancelling audio for high fidelity sound, USB ports for personal device connection and in-seat power for laptops, tablets and more.

The seat configuration is of 494 in total and is subdivided in 8 First class, 66 Business class and 420 Economy class seats.  Guests in each cabin will enjoy the widescreen display screens that range from 23” in First class, 17” in Business class, and 10.6” in Economy class.

Enjoy your flight to the max with Malaysian Airlines.

Thales entertainment system-Malaysia


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