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The world‘s Best Business Class Airline Seats

Posted on: 21/01/2013

The world‘s Best Business Class Airline Seats

Airbus A330

Full flat-bed seats are now the Benchmark standard for long haul Business class airline travel, and for travelers wanting to get the best sleep during the flight, this should be the product type that you seek out.

Angled-flat seats are still provided by many airlines, and whilst they claim that with the incline of an aircraft inflight the seats will not feel angled, the reality is that these seats can be quite uncomfortable for sleeping – passengers reporting that they slowly slide down and rest is hard to come by.

Oman-Air-Bussiness-Class. beds

For the second year running, Oman Air has won ‘Best Business Class Airline Seat’ at the prestigious World Airline Awards, run by Skytrax. The award recognizes Oman Air’s Airbus A330 Business Class seat and was presented to the airline’s Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Pearce, at a ceremony held at the UK’s Farnborough International Air show 2012, on Thursday 12th July.


The quality of Oman Air’s Business Class cabin is matched by that of its A330 Economy Class cabin. Seats with a 34-inch pitch ensure maximum legroom, whilst adjustable head and leg rests add to passenger comfort. Touch-screen 10.4-inch seatback IFE monitors provide access to all the latest movies, music and games, whilst USB sockets and RCA video multi-plugs allow passengers to plug in their own devices and personalize their IFE experience.

Oman-Air-Bussiness-Class seat

In addition, every pair of seats offers a universal power socket and Ethernet socket (RJ45). Excellent service and a delicious menu complement the high standards of seat and cabin design, putting Oman Air at the forefront of inflight hospitality.

For the past two years Oman Air has won awards at an average rate of one a month.

Oman-Air-Bussiness-Class Food


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