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Jazeera Airways Enterprise

Posted on: 18/02/2013

Jazeera Airways Enterprise

Jazeera Airways

Jazeera Airways is Kuwait’s first privately owned airline and has become the country’s national airline and flag carrier. Jazeera Airways was formed in 2005 and has established a route network covering 25 airports in ten countries throughout the Middle East, to India and Turkey, including some of the region’s most popular business and leisure destinations.

This airline really fits the “Alternative Airlines” bill. A flourishing low cost airline swimming with some of the biggest fishes in the airline Ocean. Or you could say Jazeera is the biggest fish in it’s own sea! Fancy competing with the likes of Etihad, Qatar, Emirates, Kuwait Airlines, MEA and Gulf Air to name but a few? Jazeera not only fancied it-they actually took these mega carriers head on and are doing rather well, thank you very much.

An expanding route network confirms there is a place for a good low cost airline in the oil rich Middle East and that not everyone wants an up market product. If you want a budget flight with excellent service you can probably do no better that Jazeera Airways, we would certainly suggest you try them if you don’t fancy paying the full service airlines high fares. If you don’t mind paying a little more we suggest you book a Jazeera Plus fare and get all the extras included.

The top sectors for Jazeera Airways are Dubai to Kuwait Kuwait to Dubai Beirut to Kuwait , where it operates 78, 78, 52 and 42 weekly flights respectively. They also have occasional flights from Riyadh to Kuwait, Kuwait to Riyadh and Bahrain to Kuwait flights. Find more routes here.


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