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Coral Economy Class, Etihad

Posted on: 26/02/2013

Coral Economy Class, Etihad

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways’ Coral Economy Class Offers warm hospitality, individual attention and award-winning cuisine, discover why the best things in life don’t always come at a huge price.

Etihad’s Coral economy class offers a 32 or 33-inch seat pitch depending on where you sit on an individual aircraft.

The cabin is fitted with cradle-style seats that slide forward as well as recline and mood lighting that is adjusted to suit the time of day.

On the entertainment side, Etihad claims to have the largest economy seat-back TV screens of any airline – 10.4 inches. All seats also have USB ports, PC power sockets and RJ45 sockets.

The new Coral economy design maximises the space on offer in the seat back. The fold-out tray table is considerably less bulky and folds into two halves, thus taking up less space.

But perhaps the biggest improvement is the new home of the IFE control, now under the tray in the seat back. Before, it was awkwardly located in the armrest and consequently the cabin crew alert was knocked every single time you shifted in your seat. Pillows and blankets already placed on each seat.

Stay entertained with over 650 hours of on-demand entertainment, including the latest movies, TV shows, music and interactive games, when you travel in our Coral Economy Class.

The economy class mood lighting system creates the perfect cabin ambience for the various stages of your flight and according to the time of the day, providing a calming effect. Individual lighting options in every seat allow you to create your own ambience.



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