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AirBlue In-flight entertainment

Posted on: 12/03/2013

Air Blue In-flight entertainment

Airblue A321

AirBlue, a rapidly expanding airline from Pakistan, aims to focus on passenger comfort at prices that offer value for money and that explains its decision to have leather-upholstered seats in the Business class and offering in-flight entertainment not offered by any other airline, including the Pakistan International Airlines , on the domestic sector. The airline has also made arrangements with quality caterers outside to serve what it calls “exquisite cuisine” to the travelers.

AirBlue In-flight entertainment refers to services provided on board of AirBlue planes during a flight. In flight entertainment AirBlue is included in order to upgrade quality of life on board and at the same time fulfills the needs of the passengers during AirBlue flight as far as possible.

With AirBlue flights, you can watch films or TV shows; listen to CDs or the radio, play chess and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? or be transfixed by an electronic map that shows your plane’s position to the nearest cloud. The airline’s entertainment manager has even taken the time to ensure that children or sensitive types will not be offended by the content.

Whatever the passengers preferences are, AirBlue in-flight entertainment on board its different flights have a variety of services in order that they satisfy everyone’s specific needs.

Not only did Air Blue seeking to passenger’s comfort  onboard but it also made ​​sure they are comforted and happy even when they are on earth by introducing the concept of e-ticketing to its system in order to help travelers and save their time and effort. To book Air Blue tickets at the lowest rates, click here.


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