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Malaysia Airlines Economy Class

Posted on: 21/03/2013

Malaysia Airlines Economy Class

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines was named the winner of the World’s Best Economy Class Award at the 2010 World Airline Awards that took place in Hamburg.

Flying Economy Class with Malaysia Airlines? For greater convenience and comfort especially on long-haul flights, choose your Favourite Spot before you fly. It’s easy to do too – just select the seat that best suits you in advance when you book your flight online, for only a nominal fee. That means you can enjoy your journey even before you fly, knowing that the ideal seat is waiting for you.

Economy Class is available on all of Malaysia Airlines’ fleet. Seats feature a pitch of 33-34 inches and width of 17-17.25 inches, with footrests (except on 737-400s). On the Airbus A330-200, Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-200, it has a 6.5″ personal TV located behind each seat, and a footrest located below the seat in front, the A330-300 has no personal TV but overhead TV’s located in the aisles of the plane. The Boeing 737-400 has a standard Economy seat.

Malaysia Airlins Economy Class

On-demand and comprehensive Entertainment  is available on Economy class flights with an excellent movie menu, including 15 recent releases and 45 “favourites”; the TV selections take up 10 pages in the 48-page entertainment guide, its size an indication of the breadth of what’s on offer. Headphones are taken away too soon, 30 minutes before landing.

Malaysia Airlines is a full-service carrier, so expect free food and drinks. A bonus is that the free hold baggage allowance is 30kg. There is Waldorf salad and cheese and biscuits on the side, and strawberry mousse and chocolate for dessert.

Malaysia Airlins Economy Class food


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