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The Amazing Economy Class of Cathay Pacific

Posted on: 25/03/2013

The Amazing Economy Class of Cathay Pacific


The first thing you’ll notice in Cathay Pacific’s Economy Class is that your space really is your space. And then there’s the total control you have of your entertainment with the Audio and Video on Demand. Cathay Pacific believes that it’s the little things – like offering you a choice of cocktails and providing Chinese-speaking staff on every flight – that make the difference, and make its Economy Class the finest in the skies.

The Economy Class of Cathay Pacific, the international flag carrier of Hong Kong, Airways is designed to make your Economy Class travel experience better than ever, beginning with your seat. A cradle mechanism in the seat back allows for 6” recline for resting and sleeping while giving more space around your shin area when the passenger in front of you reclines. The headrest with side wings adjusts four ways to give you maximum support for your head and neck. And there is much more legroom so you can really stretch out.

cathay pacific meals, Economy

The Airlines’ award-winning StudioCX entertainment system with Audio and Video on Demand looks especially good on the touch-screen monitor of your 9-inch Personal TV in the economy class. And you can connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad* to stream your own music and movies to the screen.

In Economy Class, you also enjoy a great selection of food and beverages. A variety of regional dishes as well as snack foods (such as ice cream and cup noodles) are available on selected flights. To go with good food are a variety of popular beverages, including oolong tea.

With Cathay Pacific’s economy class, you can put books and magazines in your literature pocket. Keep your mobile phone, pen and glasses in the new amenity storage.



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