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Your Child is in Safe hand with “SriLankan Airlines”

Posted on: 27/03/2013

Your Child is in Safe hand with “SriLankan Airlines”


SriLankan Airlines has a message for kids, which is: “Hey kids – get on our flights and you may never want to get off. We have enough stuff to keep you going all the way through. Our Toys + Games should keep you busy and what’s more you can take them home with you.” It’s a plane load of fun!!

If that’s not enough – kids can check out CTV, their very own movie channel. Your kid can Watch their favourite Cartoons, check out the Movies and shake to the cool Music Videos, or trying some of the Airlines’ Video Games – there are 16 awesome games to choose from!

Travelling alone? Not to worry! SriLankan Airlines will help your kid through all the complicated airport formalities. Once it is all done the Airlines’ stuff will help them call home at the cost to let you know they are in safe hands. When your kid gets on board the Airlines will make sure they have a great time with lots of goodies and heaps of attention. Bet they won’t even notice that mum and dad aren’t around.

Srilankan Airlines Child's care

Travelling with a baby or toddler? SriLankan Airlines has got everything to make sure that you have a stress free flight. Diapers, medicines, baby food and bassinets are all available on board. Special diaper changing boards are also located in selected toilets – making that messy job a lot easier.

SriLankan Airlines makes every effort to ensure your children will have a safe and enjoyable flight. The well-trained and dedicated Child Care Stewardess of SriLankan Airlines has been assigned especially to take care of the kids on board. Feel free to call on her during the flight for any assistance you might need.

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