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Comfortable Economy Class – Turkish Airlines

Posted on: 30/03/2013

Comfortable Economy Class – Turkish Airlines


Flying Turkish Airlines is a refreshing change for travelers who bemoan the fact that other airlines are systematically stripping services from their flights or charging for services that used to be standard. Even in economy class seating, services that are disappearing from air travel are still offered by Turkish Airlines.

While economy class seating is still cramped on a Turkish Airlines flight, built-in design elements aid in making the flight more comfortable. These include a fold-down footrest, adjustable lumbar support in the seat backrest, and a cup holder that is usable independent of the tray table. This last feature means that your space isn’t unnecessarily restricted if you only need a surface on which to place your beverage. Personal video screens have privacy filters so your neighbor can’t clearly see, from most angles, what you are watching during the flight.

Econmy class, Turkish airlines

Turkish Airlines was named the winner of the World’s Best Economy Class Airline Onboard Catering Award at the 2010 World Airline Awards, which took place in Hamburg.

At the same year, Turkish Airlines has also given birth to the Flying Chef on-board all of their long haul flights for First, Business and Economy Class passengers. One might think that it’s a small galley in the aircraft and the role for the chef might be limited, but in reality, it seems to make a significant impact on the passengers’ dining experience.

All meals served on Turkish Airlines flights are included in the category of Muslim Meal and are in accord with Islamic religious beliefs.

The Planet digital system and individual touch-screens are used for in-flight entertainment on our international flights on B777, A330, B737-900, A340 and some A321 & B737-800 aircraft.

turkish-airlines-economy class food


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