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American Airlines’ new Business Class

Posted on: 07/04/2013

American Airlines’ new Business Class

American Airlines- Aircraft

With American Airlines spacious Business Class environment*, your flight – and your time – is what you make of it. American Airlines Business Class will give you the tools you need to work efficiently and privately; to relax, rest and sleep in comfort; and to be entertained. Watch a film, take on a challenging video game or catch up on world news.

American Airlines_business_class_seat

The Class will also provide you the space, features and amenities that help you customize your personal space. From the moment you enter the newly redesigned cabin, you’ll realize they’ve made significant changes with you in mind. During your time in the air, you’ll be free to do what you really want – or need – to get done. In American Airlines new Business Class, how time flies is up to you.

Inflight dining options are designed by the airlines’ experienced culinary team to delight your taste buds and complement your journey. They also offer special meals to meet specific dietary needs at your request on select flights.


Business Class travelers will discover how relaxing long-distance travel can be when they ease into one of American Airlines comfortably designed motorized lie-flat seats including both the pre-set and manually controlled positions types. The product of extensive research and ergonomic studies, American Airlines’ business class seats afford an unsurpassed degree of comfort. Other thoughtful touches have been included such as personal power ports for laptop computers.

A privacy divider between the seats can be raised for additional privacy as well as shoulder room, especially when in a reclined or bed position. Two-source lighting illuminates the work table while an overhead light gives more generalized illumination.

American Airlines_business_class_seats


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