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Swiss Air Economy Class

Posted on: 11/04/2013

Swiss Air Economy Class


SWISS Economy offers you outstanding value for money and friendly service with style. The adjustable headrest, swivel ears and ergonomic seat cushions make for optimal comfort on intercontinental flights. You have a choice of a meat or vegetarian dish for your meal.

The long-haul fleet is configured 2-4-2, with a 32-inch seat pitch (81cm). Seats are just over 17 inches wide (44cm). They have an adjustable headrest with flexible ‘wings’ and lumbar support.

New seating in Swiss’s long-haul economy cabins has reduced the thickness of the backrest by 5cm, increasing the amount of leg room available.

With or without meat: SWISS Economy Class offers you a choice between a meat dish and a vegetarian alternative. A heart for children: Order our children’s menu (24 hours before departure) – a big hit among small and big kids.

breakfast, Swiss Air Economy

If you are travelling in Economy Class on an intercontinental flight out of Switzerland, you can now enjoy delicious cheeses of Switzerland together with your hot meal. SWISS is offering passengers an opportunity to appreciate the high quality of cheeses of Switzerland, in particular brands of this superb dairy product.

The state-of-the-art entertainment system lets you choose from a broad range of music programmes, current Hollywood blockbusters, TV series and documentaries for top viewing and listening pleasure. You can forward or reverse the show as you will or pause the film so you can fully enjoy your meal (Airbus A340 / A330-300).

Entertainment systems show a choice of 22 films, 40 TV programmes, 16 music channels, 15 games and 300 CDs, except on the A330-200 flights. These have the same except there are only 12 films, 20 TV choices, 10 games and no CDs.

Swiss Air Economy class


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