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Swiss Air Economy Class


SWISS Economy offers you outstanding value for money and friendly service with style. The adjustable headrest, swivel ears and ergonomic seat cushions make for optimal comfort on intercontinental flights. You have a choice of a meat or vegetarian dish for your meal.

The long-haul fleet is configured 2-4-2, with a 32-inch seat pitch (81cm). Seats are just over 17 inches wide (44cm). They have an adjustable headrest with flexible ‘wings’ and lumbar support.

New seating in Swiss’s long-haul economy cabins has reduced the thickness of the backrest by 5cm, increasing the amount of leg room available.

With or without meat: SWISS Economy Class offers you a choice between a meat dish and a vegetarian alternative. A heart for children: Order our children’s menu (24 hours before departure) – a big hit among small and big kids.

breakfast, Swiss Air Economy

If you are travelling in Economy Class on an intercontinental flight out of Switzerland, you can now enjoy delicious cheeses of Switzerland together with your hot meal. SWISS is offering passengers an opportunity to appreciate the high quality of cheeses of Switzerland, in particular brands of this superb dairy product.

The state-of-the-art entertainment system lets you choose from a broad range of music programmes, current Hollywood blockbusters, TV series and documentaries for top viewing and listening pleasure. You can forward or reverse the show as you will or pause the film so you can fully enjoy your meal (Airbus A340 / A330-300).

Entertainment systems show a choice of 22 films, 40 TV programmes, 16 music channels, 15 games and 300 CDs, except on the A330-200 flights. These have the same except there are only 12 films, 20 TV choices, 10 games and no CDs.

Swiss Air Economy class


Guest (economy) Class – Saudi Arabian Airlines


Saudi Arabian Airlines is based in Jeddah and is the flag carrier airline of Saudi Arabia. It operates in both International and domestically and covers 90 destinations all around. Saudi Arabian Airlines offers its valuable customers three classes of travel in most of its aircraft; First Class, Business Class, and Guest Class. 

Customer satisfaction is a top priority both in the air and on the ground, beginning with reservations, check-in, boarding, in-flight service, deplaning, baggage handling and assistance upon arrival.

Saudi Airlines has upgraded its  Economy class  and it calls it “Guest Class”. Guest class seating on Saudi Arabian Airlines offers a comparatively generous 34-inch pitch, up to three inches more than most carriers. Seats on long-haul aircraft are 17 inches wide and have a 38 degree recline. They are fitted with wing-style head restraints, lumbar support and a footrest.

Saudi Arabian Airlines’ Guest Class seats are among the most comfortable and spacious in the air today, with seat pitches of 34 inches, more than most other airlines allow in their Economy Classes. Headrests have padded wings that can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

All seats are equipped with special monitors that may reach up to 9 inches in some aircrafts. A remote control will provide you with complete flexibility for your personal entertainment during the trip.

Arabic, Western, a dish from the destination country and vegetarian make up the choices of cuisine offered to Guest Class passengers.

Overnight kits are given to all passengers for their personal care needs during the flight. Children’s bags are provided to those under the age of 12, which include books, games and other items to keep them occupied specially during long flights.

Guest (economy) class, Saudi Arabian Airlines



Royal Jordanian Economy- Travel in comfort and joy


The Economy class Royal Jordanian offers passengers traditional hospitality in the midst of modern air travel comforts on its flights. The value of the excellent service and modern fleet is unbeatable. Beginning with the friendly staff, they welcome you onboard and treat you the way a guest should be treated – as though you are traveling in your home in the sky. Travel in comfort in an adjustable seat giving you plenty of leg room, everything you need within arm’s reach, and the friendly staff just the push of a button away.

Enjoy a full compliment of services, from state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment, full meals on medium and long flights, and complimentary amenities available to all Economy class passengers.Royal Jordanian, remains the only international airline in the world to offer its Economy Class passengers three meal options to choose from beef, fish or poultry on any flight of over two hours duration.


 The extensive menu and dining services offer hot meals on medium and long haul flights, and tasty snacks and refreshments on shorter trips. The in-flight entertainment keeps everyone entertained, whether it is enjoying blockbuster movies, playing video games, listening to a wide selection of audio programs, or reading to pass the time.

Kids are well cared for by the friendly onboard staff, with activities and games specifically created to meet their travel needs. All of this, plus the extra touch of the air travel amenities, make flying Royal Jordanian’s Economy class a truly enjoyable experience.

In Economy Class Royal Jordanian offers 32-inch seat pitch on board its Embraer aircraft, whilst it offers 34-inch seat pitch on board its Airbus aircraft. All Royal Jordanian Economy class seats also offer a foot-rest.

Royal Jordanian Economy class dinner

Economy Class (Fiesta Class) – Philippine Airlines


Fiesta Class is Philippine Airlines’ name for their economy class service, which is similar to other carriers. The passenger’s footrests and tray tables are found in the seat in front of them except for bulkhead and exit seats, where the tray tables are embedded in the seats and footrests are on the floor. A319-100s and A320-200s have drop down overhead LCD screens. All aircraft in the mainline fleet feature audio entertainment to Fiesta Class passengers.

Fiesta (economy) class with Philipine Airlines

The Fiesta Class seats feature the undulating wave-pattern design in a blue, aqua and terracotta palette. The relaxed, tropical feel extends to the front and back ends of the cabin where interiors, curtains, carpets and surfaces are in various shades of blue, white, gray, silver and tan.

Delight in the Airlines’ brand of traditional and fusion cuisine.  Well-known culinary personalities are regularly invited as guest chefs in the Airlines’ Food Festivals in the Sky, guaranteed to give you a unique inflight dining experience.

Philipine Airlines economy class meal

The Fiesta Class Passengers benefit from the new seats from Weber which features an actuating seat pan that enables the seat bottom cushion to be moved up or forward to support the body when relaxing.  It is also outfitted with a 9inch seatback mounted and in-arm touch-screen personal television.

Each seat is outfitted with personal TV, 9-inch seatback-mounted monitors and in-arm monitors, with AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) feature that will enable passengers to start, pause, rewind, and fast-forward any of the video programs at any time using the touch-screen controls or the passenger control units.

For a soothing rest onboard, freshly-laundered pillows and blankets are available on request or can be found on your seats or in overhead storage compartments.

philippine-airlines- economy entertainmnet

Comfortable Economy Class – Turkish Airlines


Flying Turkish Airlines is a refreshing change for travelers who bemoan the fact that other airlines are systematically stripping services from their flights or charging for services that used to be standard. Even in economy class seating, services that are disappearing from air travel are still offered by Turkish Airlines.

While economy class seating is still cramped on a Turkish Airlines flight, built-in design elements aid in making the flight more comfortable. These include a fold-down footrest, adjustable lumbar support in the seat backrest, and a cup holder that is usable independent of the tray table. This last feature means that your space isn’t unnecessarily restricted if you only need a surface on which to place your beverage. Personal video screens have privacy filters so your neighbor can’t clearly see, from most angles, what you are watching during the flight.

Econmy class, Turkish airlines

Turkish Airlines was named the winner of the World’s Best Economy Class Airline Onboard Catering Award at the 2010 World Airline Awards, which took place in Hamburg.

At the same year, Turkish Airlines has also given birth to the Flying Chef on-board all of their long haul flights for First, Business and Economy Class passengers. One might think that it’s a small galley in the aircraft and the role for the chef might be limited, but in reality, it seems to make a significant impact on the passengers’ dining experience.

All meals served on Turkish Airlines flights are included in the category of Muslim Meal and are in accord with Islamic religious beliefs.

The Planet digital system and individual touch-screens are used for in-flight entertainment on our international flights on B777, A330, B737-900, A340 and some A321 & B737-800 aircraft.

turkish-airlines-economy class food

Economy Class is luxury with Emirates


Economy Class with Emirates Airlines is where you can find spacious design, personal seat back monitors, award- winning meals and up to 1,400 channels of entertainment for your pleasure, comfort and convenience. Set back and relax and even stay in touch.

Emirates has several different economy products in its fleet with differing seat pitch, width and configurations. All have individual seat back TVs and phones. Newer aircraft offer 10.6″ video screens with a USB connection so that you can view pictures and videos from your laptop.

Emirates Airlines designed its cabins in its Economy Class to create more space and comfort and to ensure that you’re able to stay in touch while in transit; they offer SMS, telephone and email service at every seat.

Emirates lunch, Economy class

The people of the United Arab Emirates pride themselves on their hospitality and service, and as the international airline of Dubai, so do Emirates Airlines. That is why every delicious and satisfying meal served on Emirates is planned and prepared with the same care and the same high-quality ingredients.

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, the meals on Emirates economy class include a number of courses that are designed to stimulate and satisfy your appetite. Choose from regionally inspired dishes with locally sourced ingredients, like Lamb Brochette with Arabic Spices or Grilled Chicken Breast with Carmelised Plums.

A touchscreen remote and a state-of-the-art digital widescreen give you the best view from the plane. Whether it’s international movies and TV programmes or music, video games and news from around the world, the ice system offers whatever entertainment you’re in the mood for.

Economy class, Emirates airlines

The Amazing Economy Class of Cathay Pacific


The first thing you’ll notice in Cathay Pacific’s Economy Class is that your space really is your space. And then there’s the total control you have of your entertainment with the Audio and Video on Demand. Cathay Pacific believes that it’s the little things – like offering you a choice of cocktails and providing Chinese-speaking staff on every flight – that make the difference, and make its Economy Class the finest in the skies.

The Economy Class of Cathay Pacific, the international flag carrier of Hong Kong, Airways is designed to make your Economy Class travel experience better than ever, beginning with your seat. A cradle mechanism in the seat back allows for 6” recline for resting and sleeping while giving more space around your shin area when the passenger in front of you reclines. The headrest with side wings adjusts four ways to give you maximum support for your head and neck. And there is much more legroom so you can really stretch out.

cathay pacific meals, Economy

The Airlines’ award-winning StudioCX entertainment system with Audio and Video on Demand looks especially good on the touch-screen monitor of your 9-inch Personal TV in the economy class. And you can connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad* to stream your own music and movies to the screen.

In Economy Class, you also enjoy a great selection of food and beverages. A variety of regional dishes as well as snack foods (such as ice cream and cup noodles) are available on selected flights. To go with good food are a variety of popular beverages, including oolong tea.

With Cathay Pacific’s economy class, you can put books and magazines in your literature pocket. Keep your mobile phone, pen and glasses in the new amenity storage.