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The World’s Biggest Airlines

Posted on: 30/12/2012

The World’s Biggest Airlines

Ever wondered about which airlines are the biggest? American Airlines which is one of the major airlines of the United States is the largest airline of the world in terms of passenger fleet size and passenger miles transported. American Airways was developed from a conglomeration of 82 small airlines through acquisitions in 1930 and now it has became the World’s Largest Airlines.

American Airlines is a major U.S. airline and a subsidiary of AMR Corporation and has two affiliates: American Eagle, which is a 100% regional subsidiary, and American Connection, which is the code-share regional brand.

With almost 88,000 full-time and part-time employees worldwide, American Airlines understand that its responsibility as a global citizen begins with its people and extends to communities around the world.

The American Airlines’ sustained investment in responsible business practices takes many forms—from ethical governance to its commitment to diversity and inclusion, to its focus on safety, the environment, and giving back to its communities. American Airlines continuously strive to make a positive impact in the lives of its customers, employees, shareholders, and in the communities and environments where we live, work and play.

American Airlines, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas is the largest airlines in the world providing service to 260 airport destinations in more than 50 countries and territories. American Airlines is also one of the largest scheduled air freight carriers in the world, providing a wide range of freight and mail services to shippers throughout its system onboard American’s passenger fleet.

American Airlines


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