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Royal Air Moroc

Although Founded in 1953 as “Compagnie Cherifienne des Transports Aériens” , it wasn’t until 1957 that the company began flying international routes from its main base in Casablanca. The new name “Royal Air Maroc” was adopted after the independence, and Royal Air Maroc or RAM has become the national flag carrier airline of Morrocco.

From its hub in Mohammed V International Airport near Casablanca Royal Air Maroc operates its scheduled flights from Morocoo to local and global destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. The Royal Air Maroc fleet consists of about 53 aircrafts – mainly Boeings – with an average fleet age of 10 years.

With a dedicated check-in area in the airport, the privileges of Executive Class begin. You can then benefit from a 40 kg allowance, and VIP lounges will welcome you with genuine fully spaces for relaxation. During the flight you can enjoy the comfortable seats, the personalized service and the 5 star cuisine.

Premium Class offers an exceptionally high quality, attentive personal service. Your reservations are given priority treatment, the travel process is simplified at the airport, to gain time and provide more comfort. On board you will benefit from a spacious seat, designed and fitted out to help you relax comfortably.

While the menu in Economy Class consists of 2 optional hot dishes, hot and cold drinks are also offered by the flight personnel upon request during the whole flight.

The E-services provided on the official website of Royal Air Maroc include online booking of flight tickets, hotels, and cars. Flight schedule should give you a fair idea of their flights operating across the world. You can download the electronic version of the flight program to check flight timings, flight numbers, flight arrivals and departures.


Rak Airways

More and more airlines are being opened globally and in the Middle East region, as the demand on aviation is increasing rapidly. One of the newly open airlines in UAE is RAK; the national airline of Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven United Arab Emirates. In January 2006 RAK Airways was established under Emiri Decree issued by Sheikh Saqr Bin Muhammad Al Qassimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah.

Operations started in early 2007 and continued until 2009 when the company had to close operations due to the financial crises. In 2010 Rak Airways relaunched operations under a new livery and new management, the company chose “value-for-money- model, aiming to position itself between full-service and low-cost carriers.

Ras Al Khaima International airport is RAK Airways main hub, from which they run their small fleet of 3 aircrafts ( 1 Boeing 757-200 and 2 Airbus A320-200s) in their scheduled flights to various destinations in the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.

Bus services from Ras al Khaimah to other UAE destinations Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm al Quwain and Khor Fakkan are also provided by RAK Airways.

One main advantage RAK is famous for is that it was the first Middle Eastern airline to actively use social media to communicate with its customers. Such social media include Facebook and Twitter. You can also benefit from the electronic services provided in Rak Airways official website, such as booking on line, flight check in, and flights schedule.

Bahrain Air

Another flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain – besides Gulf Air – is Bahrain Air; a budget airline founded in 2007 as a closed Bahraini Shareholding Company, and started its operations on 1 February with the inaugural flight taking place on the 3rd of February 2008 from Bahrain to Dubai. Due to market dynamics in the GCC, Levant, Africa and the Indian Sub Continent region the company later changed its operating model to full service by early 2010.

Bahrain Air uses a modern AirbusA320 fleet of 7 aircrafts with an average age of 2.8 years. From its headquarters in Bahrain International Airport, Bahrain Air operates its scheduled flights to more than 18 destinations, with an average frequency of  112 flights a week, linking Bahrain to major cities in the GCC area, the Levant, Africa and the Indian Sub-continent.

For both the business community and the travelling public Bahrain Air offers its customers the highest level of on board comfort, service, and reliability. Economy Class benefits include hot meals on Long Haul flights and snacks on Short Hauls, extra baggage allowance, and entertainment system. Passengers can buy additional refreshments like cookies, crisps, tea, coffee, or juice at low prices.

The Business Class on the other hand provides passengers with the same benefits of the Economy Class in addition to personalized service, complimentary headsets and blankets, priority boarding, and a premium class lounge access.

Bahrain Air official website offers all the electronic services you’d expect.  Book on line, check – in, timetable, and route map services are all available and easy to use. Other special services include group booking, charter flights, Ramadn specials, and loyality reards.

FlyDubai Low-Cost Carrier

Traveling by air has been very common in the last decade, the competition among airlines has risen extremely, and they all became more focused on providing passengers with the best deals and prices. Hence appeared the “low cost carriers” – also known as no-frills, discount or budget carrier or airline-; an airline that offers low fares in exchange for eliminating many traditional passenger services.

In 2008 and to keep up with the times – and the competitive atmosphere -, the Government of Dubai established “Dubai Aviation Corporation” or “Flydubai” as the first Dubai low-cost airline. Although not a part of the Emirates Group, Emirates supported Flydubai during the first establishing period.

With its head office in Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport, Flydubai now runs its fleet of 23 brand new Boeing 737- 800 NG Aircrafts to 51 destinations across the Middles East, Indian Subcontinent, Africa, Russia, and Eastern Europe.

With Flydubai you can choose between 3 different types of fare : No Change , Pay to Change, and Free to Change depending on how much you want to spend and how flexible you need your journey to be.

You can relax on board flydubai’s brand new fleet, with the latest technology to keep you entertained and an in-flight food and drink service, offering a great range of tasty hot and cold snacks. The basic in-flight entertainment package is 10 AED and includes all the TV shows, music, and games. The premium package is 30 AED and includes the basic package plus movies.

Flydubai’s official website also offers all the electronic services expected from a premium airline. Beside Online Booking, you can check flight status, view flights time table, and manage your booking.

Kuwait Airways

During the oil boom of the 1940s and 1950s, the Kuwait Airways Company was formed in 1954, where it initially served a limited network of nearby cities like Abadan, Beirut, and Damascus. But after some economic hardships the government eventually took over the company and made it the official flag carrier of Kuwait.

With its head office on Kuwait International Airport, in Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Kuwait Airways operates scheduled international flights to 39 international destinations in 26 countries throughout the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. The Kuwait Airways fleet of 17 aircraft consists mainly of Airbus aircrafts alongside 2 Boeing 777- 200ERs.

In all 3 standard cabin classes, Kuwait Airways offers excellent complimentary services to its passengers. Such services include Meals and beverages in Aircraft Cabin (only non-alcoholic beverages), blankets, headsets for watching movies, sleeping blinds, comfortable seats with more leg room, etc.

Other services include Medical attention service, Unaccompanied Minors look after, Wheelchairs, First Class and Business Class Lounges, VIP and CIP travelers, Physically Challenged Passengers, Extra Seats, Tour Group and Official Delegations, Animals on Board and additional information for passengers traveling to /from the USA.

In addition to Online Booking, Online Check in, Flights Timetable and other standard electronic facilities and advanced services provided in the official website, Kuwait Airways customers can benefit from the Map route to display the useful information about all the destinations available. Seat selection service while booking is also activated now by selecting Manage Booking then filling the information required.

Yemenia Airways

1978 is considered as a landmark in the Aviation history in Yemen. It had witnessed the formation of Yemenia (Yemen Airways) , the beginning of a new era in air travel services and progress. After several structural reforms and development since it was established in the second half of 1940s by Ahmad bin Yahia , then King of Yemen. Yemenia – (Yemen Airways) was formed with 51% share by Yemen government and 49% by Saudi Arabia government.  The shares held by Saudi Arabia were bought back by the government of Yemen in 1992 as a result of the formation of Today’s united Yemen Arab Republic in 1990.

Yemenia is the official flag carrier of Yemen; using its current fleet of 7 Airbus aircrafts, it operates its scheduled flights from its hub in Sana’a International Airport to cover 24 international and domestic destinations in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Europe, with a single weekly flight to Boston.

In all its classes, First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class, Yemenia offers its passengers an advanced Audio Video entertainment system with individual screens featuring movie and music channels. In Flight Meals service includes breakfast, lunch/Dinner, accompaniment and dessert, and soft drinks service.

You can plan and book your trip easily with Yemenia Airlines by visiting their official website. Yemenia Electronic services include, Online Booking, Flight Status check, Schedule Research, Booking Confirmation and Air cargo tracking.

You can also join Yemenia Sama Club for frequent travelers. Over the course of a year you can claim rewards, review your account of Sama club free Miles, and redeem for them from the comfort of your desktop.

Jazeera Airways

After 50 years of total dependency on Kuwait Airways, the Kuwaiti Government permitted the establishment of a private airline firm. The Royal Decree issued in 2004 established Jazeera Airways as the first airline to enter the new open aviation industry. Jazeera Airways has grown rapidly since it started operations on 30 October 2005, and has become the second largest national airline in Kuwait. It has acquired a vast popularity in the Middle East because of its low cost flight tickets policy.

From its headquarters in Kuwait International Airport in Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Jazeera Airways operates its scheduled flights, currently serving 18 destinations across the Middle East with a small modern fleet of around 10 Airbus A320 aircrafts. All of Jazeera aircrafts are fitted with leather seats and a two-class cabin.

Economy Class amenities include 40 kg of free baggage allowance, a selection of on board menu, and comfortable seats. Business Class travelers get an upgraded experience, with exclusive check-in lines and lounge access, 60 kg baggage allowance, exclusive on-board cabin, and special meals.

In order to keep up with the times, Jazeera Airways offers its multiple electronic services via its official website. Passengers can u book online their flight tickets, manage their booking, check flight status, and view route map and flight schedule. Travel insurance is available on the website too.

Despite the concerns Jazeera generated among competitors in the aviation community when it was launched, Jazeera Airways proved very useful and stimulated the entire market to growth levels the industry has not seen in years. This mainly is a result of Jazeera Airways’ relentless pursuit to be the leading low cost carrier in the Middle East.