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Go comfort – Go Air

Posted on: 13/04/2013

Go comfort – Go Air

Go Airlines India

Go Airlines (India) Ltd. is the aviation foray of the Wadia Group, The airline operates its services under the brand GoAir. GoAir launched its operations in November 2005.GoAir airlines services are known for low cost and comfortable air service. This popular airlines service provider has launched GoComfort air seats for its customers of Mumbai-Delhi route. GoComfort is a new class for air passengers that offers facilities and comfort of business class.

GoAir business class tickets are available at nominal price and it is very similar to the price of economic class. This way, you can get the comfort of luxurious journey of business class in price of economic class airfares. Other important thing about business class ticket is that you will not need to pay any amount for rebooking of tickets and a very nominal charge in applicable for cancellation of tickets. GoAir business class review also states that it is very easy to book and cancel business class tickets with GoAir through online air ticket booking. Web check-in facilities are also available for business class passengers of this airlines.

If you regular need to travel through Mumbai-Delhi route and needs a comfortable journey then GoBusiness class is a good selection. There are several featured things about this new GoAir travel class that are enough to satisfy the needs and requirements of passengers. Increased leg room, choice seats, extra luggage allowance and priority check-in facilities at both Mumbai and Delhi airports are some remarkable features of this travel class. Inspite of this, you will also get complimentary snacks and meals on board.



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